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Charlotte Salomon is born into a family stricken by suicide and a country at war. But there is something exceptional about her - she has a gift, a talent for painting. And she has a great love, for a brilliant, eccentric musician. But just as she is coming into her own as an artist, death is coming to control her country. The Nazis have come to power and, as a Jew in Berlin, Charlotte's life is narrowing, and she knows every second is precious. Inspiring, unflinching, terrible and hopeful, Charlotte is the heartbreaking true story of a life filled with curiosity, animated by genius and cut short by hatred.

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David Foenkinos

  • Pays : France
  • Langue : Francais

David Foenkinos, romancier, scénariste et musicien, est auteur de treize romans traduits en quarante langues. Il a notamment publié aux Éditions Gallimard Le potentiel érotique de ma femme, Nos séparations, La délicatesse, Les souvenirs, Je vais mieux. En 2011, il a
adapté au cinéma avec son frère son livre La délicatesse, avec Audrey Tautou et François Damiens.