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Reconnect with your body, eat what you love Dietary science is on the move. For decades, people were wrongly focused on reducing fat and calories, whereas we now know that the real trouble makers are the foods that deregulate our blood sugar levels. Raised or fluctuating sugar levels in the blood can cause serious health problems, from weight gain, weakened immunity and hormonal imbalance in the short term to heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes down the line. In writing both clear and empathetic, mathematician and chemist Jessie Inchauspe - creator of the wildly popular Glucose Goddess Instagram account - explains why glucose is key, why glucose spikes are bad for us and how to flatten those spikes to transform our health. By analysing decades of research and running thousands of original experiments on herself wearing a continuous glucose monitor, she has distilled 10 simple and surprising rules to follow for optimal glucose regulation. We learn, for example, the order in which we should eat the food on our plate, how to ''put clothes on our carbs'', what not to do on an empty stomach, how to eat cakes and sweet foods in a smarter way and why apple cider vinegar is close to magic. By the end of this book, you''ll be aware of how food impacts your biology. You''ll know which breakfast choices may be causing your cravings, which foods lead to mood swings, and how to avoid being sleepy at 3pm. You''ll evolve the way you eat, take control of your health, and your life will flourish.

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    Jessie Inchauspé

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    Short Books London

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Jessie Inchauspé

  • Pays : France
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Jessie Inchauspé est française. Elle vit aux Etats-Unis où elle a travaillé successivement dans la recherche en biochimie et statistiques. Elle apprend quotidiennement à sa communauté Instagram @glucosegoddess (304 000 abonnés à ce jour) comment lisser sa courbe de glycémie dans toutes les situations de la vie.