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Miami Beach, a white sand paradise with a history of violence, is an inspired choice of location for Thomas Harris harrowing new novel of greed and survival: Cari Mora. Somewhere in a mansion on Biscayne Bay there rests a thousand pounds of cartel gold that Pablo Escobar, now dead, will never retrieve. Hans-Peter Schneiderthe new face in our nightmares from the man who gave us Hannibal Lecterhas plans to steal the gold but hes not the only one looking for it. Cari Mora is the young caretaker of the Escobar mansion, and Hans-Peter has plans for her too; plans that involve his primary occupation as a flesh peddler of the most disturbing sort, catering to the fantasies of an incredibly wealthy clientele. Hans-Peters macabre interests and inventions are pure Thomas Harris--and Cari Mora, a woman who has already survived unspeakable things, is a worthy opponent for Hans-Peter in this complex cat-and-mouse thriller. Cari Mora is as cinematic as one might expect (and hope for), charged with smugglers and lawmen, gruesome deaths, and deceit that crisscrosses the ocean between Colombia and Miami. Just when you think you know whats coming, Harris has another twist up his sleeve. His first novel in more than a decade, Cari Mora proves that Harris is a masterful storyteller who knows exactly how to get under our skin and into our heads. Seira Wilson, Amazon Book Review Review "The best of Harris's work, and this includes his latest, long-awaited novel, Cari Mora, has just that feeling of absolute, unquestionable reality. Through a combination of elements--a perfectly realized authorial voice, the steady accumulation of terrible details, an empathetic vision of lost and damaged souls--Harris has created a sense of dreadful intimacy that we cannot escape, that forces us to gaze at unthinkable things, and never look away. No one has illuminated this kind of darkness more thoroughly or effectively than Harris. It seems unlikely that anyone ever will."The Washington Post

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    Thomas Harris

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    Grand Central

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