Bandes dessinées / Comics / Mangas

  • Anglais Nightlight: A Parody

    The Harvard Lampoon

    • Vintage usa
    • 28 Octobre 2009

    In this parody of the popular Twilight series, gawky, vampire-obsessed Belle determines that computer nerd Edwart is not only her soul mate, but also a vampire, and sets out to find a way to get him to bite her so they can spend eternity together.

  • Anglais Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It

    Geoff Dyer

    • Vintage usa
    • 8 Janvier 2004

    Mordantly funny, thought-provoking travel essays, from the acclaimed author of Out of Sheer Rage and one of our most original writers ( New York Magazine). This isnt a self-help book; its a book about how Geoff Dyer could do with a little help. In these genre-defying tales, he travels from Amsterdam to Cambodia, Rome to Indonesia, Libya to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert, floundering in a sea of grievances, with fleeting moments of transcendental calm his only reward for living in a perpetual state of motion. But even as he recounts his side-splitting misadventures in each of these locales, Dyer is always able to sneak up and surprise you with insight into much more serious matters. Brilliantly riffing off our expectations of external and internal journeys, Dyer welcomes the reader as a companion, a fellow perambulator in search of something and nothing at the same time.