Littérature générale

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    • 3 rivers press
    • 15 Décembre 2005

    A New York Times best-selling organization expert shares the time management strategies of top managers and executives, distilling and explaining the organizational work habits and mental discipline of the super-successful in a brief, concise primer. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

  • The son of an African father and white American mother discusses his childhood in Hawaii, his struggle to find his identity as an African American, and his life accomplishments.

  • The zombie survival guide - recorded attacks

    Max Brooks

    • 3 rivers press
    • 14 Décembre 2009

    In graphic novel format, provides the lessons learned throughout history about zombie outbreaks, from the African savannah to the legions of ancient Rome to the ill-advised experiments of the Soviet army.

  • Presenting erotic new renditions of traditional fairy tales, this witty collection recounts the stories of a haughty princess who ends up revealing more than her leadership skills to her people, a Cinderella who attends the palace ball in a pair of patent-leather stiletto heels, and a Goldilocks who sets out to discover which of three "bare" bachelors is just right. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

  • Anglais Blow the House Down

    Robert Baer

    • 3 rivers press
    • 10 Janvier 2007

    Long obsessed with the abduction and murder of his agency mentor, veteran CIA officer Max Waller continues to investigate the crime, until he suddenly finds himself the target of powerful dark forces within the intelligence community.

  • Feel bad about not reading or not enjoying the so-called great books? Don't sweat it, it's not your fault. Did anyone tell you that Anna Karenina is a beach read, that Dickens is hilarious, that the Iliad 's battle scenes rival Hollywood's for gore, or that Joyce is at his best when he's talking about booze, sex, or organ meats? Writer and professor Jack Murnighan says it's time to give literature another look, but this time you'll enjoy yourself. With a little help, you'll see just how great the great books are: how they can make you laugh, moisten your eyes, turn you on, and leave you awestruck and deeply moved. Beowulf on the Beach is your field guide-erudite, witty, and fun-loving-for helping you read and relish fifty of the biggest (and most skipped) classics of all time. For each book, Murnighan reveals how to get the most out of your reading and provides a crib sheet that includes the Buzz, the Best Line, What's Sexy, and What to Skip.

  • The former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton describes her intimate relationship with two of the icons of rock music and her memories of the dynamic, often turbulent world of rock music during the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Anglais Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time

    Rob Sheffield

    • 3 rivers press
    • 4 Décembre 2007

    In a poignant memoir of love, loss, and music, a rock and pop culture critic shares the story of his romance and marriage to Ren‚e, a young woman with whom he had little in common except for the music that brought them together, and Ren‚e's tragic early death, all viewed from the perspective of the mix tapes that the couple had compiled. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

  • Anglais Diary Of A Manhattan Call Girl

    Tracy Quan

    • 3 rivers press
    • 15 Avril 2003

    Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl is a wonderfully intelligent, sexually frank, rollicking novel that introduces us to Nancy Chan, a turn-of-the-millennium call girl who lives and works on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Nancy is full of contradictory desires; she frequently has to choose between making love and making money. On good days, she gets to do both. Surrounded by devoted, wealthy, and powerful johns, some of whom want more than just sex, and caught between two all-consuming call girl friends who complicate her life, Nancy navigates the tricky currents of the world's oldest profession. With one foot in the bedrooms of her rich and demanding clients and one in the straight world of her unwitting fiance, who has started to apartment-hunt and arrange a wedding, Nancy keeps her two worlds from colliding in her inimitable style.


    Kitty Kelley

    • 3 rivers press
    • 19 Janvier 2011

    A biography of Oprah Winfrey examines the personal life and career of the influential icon and discusses her place in modern American culture.

  • What happens when a coffee-drinking, cigarette-smoking, steak-eating twenty-five-year-old atheist decides it is time to get in touch with her spiritual side? Not what youd expect When Suzanne Morrison decides to travel to Bali for a two-month yoga retreat, she wants nothing more than to be transformed from a twenty-five-year-old with a crippling fear of death into her enchanting yoga teacher, Indra--a woman who seems to have found it all: love, self, and God.
    But things dont go quite as expected. Once in Bali, she finds that her beloved yoga teacher and all of her yogamates wake up every morning to drink a large, steaming mugof their own urine. Sugar is a mortal sin. Spirits inhabit kitchen appliances. And the more she tries to find her higher self, the more she faces her cynical, egomaniacal, cigarette-, wine-, and chocolate-craving lower self.
    Yoga Bitch chronicles Suzannes hilarious adventures and misadventures as an aspiring yogi who might be just a bit too skeptical to drink the Kool-Aid. But along the way she discovers that no spiritual effort is wasted; even if her yoga retreat doesnt turn her into the gorgeously calm, wise believer she hopes it will, it does plant seeds that continue to blossom in surprising ways over the next decade of her life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Neil Patrick Harriss Choose Your Own Autobiography is one of the best celeb memoirs Ive ever read.-- The Phoenix News Seeking an exciting read that puts the u back in aUtobiography? Look no further than Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography ! In this entertaining and innovative memoir, Neil Patrick Harris shares intimate and hilarious stories about everything from his early days in LA, life on the How I Met Your Mother set, secrets from backstage at award shows, and family life with David, Harper, and Gideon. In a fresh spin on the typical celebrity narrative, he lets you, the reader, choose which path you want him to follow. All this plus magic tricks, cocktail recipes, embarrassing pictures from his time as a child actor, and even a closing song!

  • A curated collection of the New York Times ' travel column, "Footsteps," exploring iconic authors' relationships to landmarks and cities around the world Before Nick Carraway was drawn into Daisy and Gatsbys sparkling, champagne-fueled world in The Great Gatsby , F. Scott Fitzgerald vacationed in the French Riviera, where a small green lighthouse winked at ships on the horizon. Before the nameless lovers began their illicit affair in The Lover , Marguerite Duras embarked upon her own scandalous relationship amidst the urban streets of Saigon. And before readers were terrified by a tentacled dragon-man called Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft was enthralled by the Industrial Trust tower-- the 26-story skyscraper that makes up the skyline of Providence, Rhode Island. Based on the popular New York Times travel column, Footsteps is an anthology of literary pilgrimages, exploring the geographic muses behind some of history's greatest writers. From the "dangerous, dirty and seductive" streets of Naples, the setting for Elena Ferrante's famous Neapolitan novels, to the "stone arches, creaky oaken doors, and riverside paths" of Oxford, the backdrop for Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Footsteps takes a fresh approach to literary tourism, appealing to readers and travel enthusiasts alike.