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  • Dominik Diamond is never short of an opinion. And in his opinion Celtic FC is the greatest football club in the known universe. But through the years, his forthright opinions and his complete inability to keep his mouth shut have got him into huge amounts of trouble. Now, in Celtic & Me - Confessions from the Jungle, Dominik Diamond tells the story of how Celtic Football Club has been a fundamental part of his life. There's the part he played in Martin O'Neill becoming Celtic manager, why he was banned from Celtic TV, which Old Firm manager is best at pub trivia machines, and which Ibrox legend sinisterly threatened to out him on live TV for being a teenage Rangers fan. And there's the night his love of Celtic almost cost him his life - and his kebab. Celtic & Me - Confessions from the Jungle is the entertaining and controversial story of one man who simply refused to shut up. No matter what kind of jungle he was crashing through.

  • For more than a hundred years, Glasgow has been right up there in the major league of big-city crime. From Madelaine Smith and Oscar Slater, by way of the Bridgeton Billy Boys and the Norman Conks, through to modern villains like Paul Ferris and Tam McGraw, Glasgow's streets have spawned a succession of fascinating tales of true crime. Even in the twenty-first century, as the new Glasgow polishes a growing reputation for sophistication and culture, blood still gets spilled on the streets and scams of one kind or another are always in the pipeline. The A-Z of Glasgow Crime is a compelling journey through an extensive history of crime and crime-fighting in a city where the illicit is never far away. From the tough streets of the east-end to the leafy avenues of the west-end; from murder behind velvet curtains in the douce homes of the wealthy to the violent and bloody street battles on postwar housing estates - all this and more is covered in gripping detail in Jeffrey's definitive true-crime guide to a city with a notoriously violent history.

  • When Jane Yeadon decided that she wanted to become a nurse, the Swinging Sixties had arrived in style. But before her training the nearest she got to anything swinging was the udder of the cow on their farm in the north-east of Scotland. It was time to leave for the bright lights and some modern life. It Won';t Hurt a Bit is the story of Jane';s journey from the farm she loved and the schoolwork she hated through to her nurse training and the many adventures along the way. It';s a warm, funny and affectionate memoir from a simpler time as Jane and her new friends tackle the ups and downs of a gruelling three-year training, some scary matrons and a variety of challenging patients and their relatives. All to the backdrop of the fabulous Swinging Sixties.

  • Walter Norval was a man marked by destiny to be a career criminal in one of Britain's hardest cities. As a boy he grew up in a world of illegal betting, violent canal bank pitch-and-toss schools, sleazy dance halls, brothels and bars where the denizens of the slums in the north side of Glasgow slaked gargantuan thirsts and plotted murder and mayhem. Before he had reached his teens, close relatives had died as blood was spilled in the streets. As a youngster he ran ‘messages' for the toughest gangsters in the city and stood guard over the pots of cash in illegal gambling schools. It was a remarkable apprenticeship, dangerous and sometimes deadly. It honed a latent toughness and a talent for lawbreaking that saw him emerge in the Seventies as the first of a succession of Glasgow godfathers. Dressed in pinstriped style, he controlled his foot soldiers with fearsome fists and planned robberies with the attention to detail of a military general. He organised various Glasgow fighting factions into a single gang, which pulled off a spectacular series of robberies. But, unlike his successors, he abhorred drugs and drug-dealing. And, in a remarkable twist, he joined the anti-drugs war in later life. His story – told by the best-selling crime historian Robert Jeffrey – provides a fascinating insight into the making of a criminal mastermind, from boy to man.

  • The world is full of TV doctors, but only Dr Phil has appeared on Have I Got News For You seven times and Countdown nineteen times, a true mark of greatness (whatever Lord Winston says). He is also Private Eye's medical correspondent and possibly the only comic to have appeared at a Public Inquiry. Dr Phil (46, Capricorn) has worked in the NHS for twenty years but only used it twice. He takes no drugs (apart from Australian Shiraz) and has never knowingly been Rolfed. So how does he remain so healthy? And what sort of Doctor is he? Here, at last, are transcripts of his most life-enhancing consultations and comedy, including 89 Minutes to Save the NHS. ‘One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet' The Guardian ‘Great to have a pint with but you wouldn't want him as your doctor' The Times

  • It used to be thought that no single person could rule the mean streets of Glasgow. Arthur Thompson proved this to be wrong. From an ordinary working-class family, Thompson started out as a bouncer and minder. Hard yet bright, he learned quickly. Cross him and you'd be scarred. Cheat him and he nailed you to the floor, crucifixionstyle. The gangsters of Glasgow thought it couldn't get any worse – it did. For forty years, Thompson ruled Glasgow and there came a time when his capacity for violence became so boundless that people would pray to be crucified. This fully revised edition of The Last Godfather visits places no law-abiding person has been. The gunrunning, murders, drug dealing and torture are all still there but there's much more – atrocities like how he improved on crucifixion as a means of revenge, how he created Europe's Tartan Mafia, how he invented concrete boots as a failsafe way of disposing of enemies' corpses. Then there are the ways he has had an impact on the lives and, more importantly, deaths of others – one man killed by a sniper, another kidnapped in London and tortured for days in Glasgow. Thompson died of natural causes but his influence didn't stop at his grave – which, incidentally, was deliberately left unmarked in case someone he'd had a run-in with decided to dig him up and wreak some kind of horrible revenge. This new edition includes previously unexplored aspects of Thompson's legacy and investigates the reasons there could never be another gang lord as all-powerful as Arthur Thompson – why he was destined to become The Last Godfather.

  • One of the funniest, rudest and most useful books you'll ever read What questions would you ask a doctor at a comedy gig? Is it healthy to sleep with a pet? Is horse riding riskier that ecstasy? Do love eggs need to be fitted? Do unlucky beds exist? Do doctors ever pretend to hear noises with a stethoscope? Should I hand-wash my merkin? What's the best sexual position for losing weight? Has everyone had more sex than me? Should I have Scrabble before marriage? What should I do if someone dies on me during sex? GP and comedian Phil Hammond has collected two hundred and fifty of life's quirkiest queries from audiences across the UK. Open wide for the finest answers to the most bizarre questions, ranging from tongue in cheek to absolutely filthy... yet surprisingly useful. ‘One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet' The Guardian

  • Bruce Sandison's Rivers & Lochs of Scotland is the only book on fishing in Scotland that an angler will ever need. This new, comprehensive and completely revised edition describes more than 5,000 freshwater fishing locations complete with access details, flies and tactics and where to obtain permission to fish. For anyone fishing in Scotland, this book is the angler's bible. ‘The definitive guide for any resident or visitor to Scotland' - Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine Reader's comments on the previous edition: - ‘This single book provides comprehensive coverage of all one needs to know to arrange fishing in any region of Scotland.' - ‘If you are going fishing in Scotland, this is THE book. Brilliant and worth its weight in gold.' - ‘Bruce's love of the high mountains and open spaces of Scotland shines through this bible of freshwater fly fishing.'

  • What would you do if life suddenly flipped upside down? Where would you go if your world fell apart? Who would you turn to? When her son Calum dies in a car crash, Alison is left stunned and dazed. But instead of turning to those around her for comfort, she impulsively leaves them behind, desperate to hide from her loss. Even in death, though, Calum has a way of pushing her, making her do things she would never normally have done. And soon his memory starts to transform her in unimaginable ways. And then there's Neal, happily married to Sally, who till Calum's funeral is unaware he's still carrying a torch for Alison. He was the man Calum called dad, but wasn't. Alison has forgotten Neal, but he cannot forget her. If I Touched the Earth is a warm and compelling novel, delicately weaving a powerful story about life's many unexpected moments and the ways in which these events can change our paths forever.

  • With more than its fair share of dramatic mountains, moorlands, lochs and rivers, Scotland is famously one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also known for the unique quality of its field sports, widely available to both visitor and local alike; wonderful salmon rivers, myriad brown trout lochs, grouse moors and outstanding red deer stalking. And throughout this wild countryside are the stalkers, gillies and keepers – men who have spent their whole lives on river, moor and hill caring for the iconic wildlife Scotland has to offer. In Glorious Gentlemen Bruce Sandison takes us on a magical journey around Scotland, as seen through the eyes of some of the country's best-known and most respected gillies, stalkers and keepers. The stories they have to tell are full of humour, kindliness and patience as – sometimes under difficult circumstances – they help their guests, old and young alike, novice or experienced, in pursuit of the best possible chance of sport. Celebrating a way of life that has existed in Scotland for many hundreds of years, Glorious Gentlemen is a book for all seasons, of stories and tales told by the men who made them, all of which are, of course, true – and some even truer.

  • Anglais McGraw

    McKay Reg

    Tam McGraw was one of Glasgow's most dangerous gangsters. He rose from poverty in the city's East End to amass a vast fortune from crime and, when he died in 2007, his empire stretched from Glasgow to the Canaries. When he was alive, few would talk openly about the man known as ‘The Licensee'. But now his incredible, untold story can finally be revealed. Real stories about the time McGraw cheated The Godfather, risking his life to end a dynasty. How he was behind the UK's biggest coke heist and who paid the price. Who killed the six Doyles in the Ice Cream Wars. Why the BarL Team was never caught even with MI5 on their case. Armed jail breakouts – who arranged them, who grassed them. There are hit contracts, backstabbings, vendettas and scores to settle with everyone from The Godfather to The Devil, M Family, Specky Boyd and Paul Ferris. McGraw did all that and much more yet was never caught. Why? He was The Licensee. Licensed to Commit Crime.

  • Colin Grant needs to disappear fast. With the police on his trail, a visit to his uncle in Ghana suddenly seems like a great idea. No more crime, no more jail, no more hassle. Until he visits the richest gold mine in West Africa . . . It's 1970s London and Glaswegian Colin Grant is finally free. After four years at Her Majesty's pleasure, Colin needs to make up for lost time. But when his firm's next robbery goes badly wrong, he knows it's time to move on – fast. In Africa, Colin finds a new way of life and new friends. But, as he soon discovers, it's a land of unbelievable and almost irresistible riches. And all he has to do is work out how to fly a planeload of gold out of the country without anyone – especially Major Judas Akaba – finding out. Ashanti Gold is a compelling, fast-paced adventure with a golden prize too good to resist.

  • In the twenty-first century, Glasgow is still a city living down a fearsome reputation for crime. And for some citizens of the Dear Green Place, brawling is in the blood and gang warfare is a way of life. The stinking deprivation of the Gorbals and the East End, deprivation that helped spawn pre-war gangs like the Billy Boys, the Norman Conks and the Redskins, is largely gone, but in each era new gangs have risen to take their place. Battles over turf and control of the drugs trade still regularly make the headlines. Now newly updated, Gangs of Glasgow takes an in-depth look at the gripping evolution of the city's gangs from the days of the Penny Mob, through the extortion, slashings and street fighting of the Thirties to the smart-suited men of violence of the modern day.

  • The adventures of Harry the Polis – the self-appointed Chief Constable of funny stories – continue with this hilarious new collection. Join Harry on his new adventures as he tackles speeding motorists, visits the Blackhills of Glesca, calls time on some barking dogs, gets some Devine intervention and meets some gorgeous girls as he falls victim to the Braehead Scam. With twenty-nine years in the Strathclyde Polis under his belt, there are tales, laughs and adventures aplenty as Harry the Polis is back on the beat once more. And it's all true . . . honest! ‘His books are a laugh on every page' Bob Shields, Daily Record

  • THE MOVING SAGA OF RACHEL CAMPBELL AND HER FAMILY CONTINUES… It's October 1954 and life in post-war Britain is slowly starting to return to normal. For Rachel Campbell, however, her family is proving to be a constant challenge. As her children grow older and start families of their own, Rachel must help them learn the often difficult lessons of life. Back from his National Service in Korea, Sam quickly rises through the police force, but soon finds himself in competition with his younger brother Paul. Meanwhile, Carrie realises that the joys of marriage may not create the easy life she had hoped for. And on what feels like the other side of the world, Rachel's eldest daughter Hannah faces the harsh realities of life on a Hebridean island. Through blessings and tragedies, streaks of luck and blows of misfortune, the Campbells will face their most trying days. But when surprising news brings the opportunity for redemption, can the family learn to put the past behind them? Millie Gray once again brilliantly recreates the atmosphere of the era with all the hardships and struggles as well as the fun, warmth and humour of everyday life.

  • Duncan Shearer's incredible rise from non-league football to the international stage was a football fairytale. But away from football he's also had his share of personal tragedy. Shearer Wonderland now tells the inside story of his remarkable life and career. Discover how he missed out on the chance to play for Alex Ferguson's legendary Aberdeen side when he was a teenager; how he got an unlikely but amazing move to Chelsea; why he moved to Swindon Town and what life was like under Lou Macari and Ossie Ardiles; and how he got his dream move to Willie Miller's Aberdeen by way of a very short detour at Kenny Dalglish's big spending Blackburn Rovers. There's also the financial irregularities scandal at Swindon, the personal tragedies of his brother's near-fatal accident and the tragic death of his mother. For the first time, Duncan Shearer now tells his side of the story of his turbulent management career with Steve Paterson and how Paterson's demons – as he battled with drink and gambling problems – brought to an end Duncan's dream job at Pittodrie. Shearer Wonderland is a no-holds-barred insight into the life of one of football's most respected goalscorers and a must-read for fans everywhere.

  • In the proud history of Heart of Midlothian football club, one season stands out as their finest ever. Now, fifty years on from that memorable 1957/58 campaign which brought the League Championship to Gorgie, read the full inside story of how they did it and what it meant to the fans. It was without question the golden age of the club, when players like Alfie Conn Sr, Willie Bauld, Jimmy Wardhaugh, Dave Mackay and Alex Young left Rangers and Celtic trailing in their wake, scored a record number of goals in a season and won the League Championship by a huge margin. In Hearts' Greatest Ever Season, lifelong supporter Mike Buckle brings the whole remarkable story to life and details how, after sixty-one years without a championship win, the club finally achieved their goal. For Hearts fans who remember those heady days, this is an apt and nostalgic reminder of the times. For younger fans who have lived through the rollercoaster years of the Wallace Mercer era, the Deans and Robinson ownership, the threat of the club being wound up and the Romanov revolution which has promised so much but failed to deliver, Hearts' Greatest Ever Season offers the hope that history might one day be repeated and that the dream of the League title returning to Gorgie could become reality once again.

  • The hilarious adventures recalled by ex-polis Harry Morris, the self-appointed Chief Constable of funny stories, continue with the publication of his fifth book, Aye, That Will Be Right!. Since his retirement from Strathclyde Police, Harry has realised his dream of bringing to life in print his own sense of humour and that of his colleagues. Whether it's a colleague's accidental demolition of a of a ‘stone-built bridge', a Superintendent's ‘midlife crisis', or the humorous misunderstanding and unexpected thrill supplied by a nurse after a serious operation, they're all here, and they're all true – honest! Every one a gem – continuing in the same vein and maintaining the same high standard of humour that was set with the first book in the series, Even The Lies Are True.

  • Celtic legend Tommy McInally was a loveable rogue, a firm favourite with fans and an acknowledged football genius. Brilliant with the ball at his feet and with a natural flair few could match, it was his flaws off the pitch that would cut short one of football's most dazzling careers. When Tommy McInally joined Celtic as a 19-year-old, he was immediately hailed as the new ‘boy wonder'. He was an instant success and lit up Celtic Park for a few unforgettable seasons. He also went on to play for the national side and was Scotland's number one sports personality in the 1920s. Until it all started to go wrong. Tommy McInally – Celtic's Bad Bhoy? charts the remarkable rise and fall of football's Peter Pan, the one-time darling of the Celtic Park terraces whose appetite for partying and mischief-making would lead eventually to his downfall. But, despite his fall from grace, the name of Tommy McInally will remain forever in the pantheon of Celtic greats. After all, none other than Celtic's legendary manager Willie Maley called Tommy McInally ‘the greatest Celt of them all.'

  • This brand new edition of short stories comprises the best of James Robertson's work, collected together here for the first time. They range in setting from a dysfunctional safari park to a dentist's surgery, from the poverty of hope of a reservation in South Dakota to the nightmare vision of a future Scotland riven by ethnic cleansing, from friendships strong in adversity to marriages heading for the rocks. Nothing is quite what it seems in these stories. Running through them is an undercurrent of optimism tinged with despair, as the personal meets the political and individual men and women make choices that will change their lives forever. Surreal, realistic, angry, philosophical, funny and humane, Robertson's shorter fiction explores the lives of his characters with the same deftness of touch that has brought critical acclaim for novels such as And the Land Lay Still and The Testament of Gideon Mack.

  • Nacho Novo is the most revered foreign player Rangers have had since iconic figures like Brian Laudrup and Jorg Albertz. He became an instant favourite with the Ibrox faithful in the summer of 2004 when he famously rejected overtures from arch-rivals Celtic and signed for Rangers. Now, as he closes in on six years at Rangers, I Said No Thanks tells Nacho Novo's story in an explosive and controversial book that pulls no punches. Novo charts his journey from his upbringing in Spain to the streets of Kirkcaldy and Dundee as he made his name in Scottish football. There's the family tragedy that changed his life. He reveals the real reasons he said ‘No Thanks' to Celtic – a decision that defined his life. And he tells the full inside story of the managers he has worked with, the glory goals that have clinched SPL titles and UEFA Cup glory, the fall-outs and the controversy as well as revealing for the first time the shocking stories behind life in Glasgow as one of the few players to have split the football-mad city in two. I Said No Thanks is a no-holds-barred insight into life as an Old Firm star.

  • The Breadmaker's Saga follows the story of a Glasgow working class community living through the dark days of the Depression and the Second World War. Clydend, McNair's Bakery and the surrounding tenements, are all vividly and absorbingly depicted, as are the lives and loves of people like Catriona, a young woman trying to cope with an overbearing husband; the foreman baker Baldy Fowler and his tragic wife, Sarah; Alec Jackson, the philandering insurance salesman; and a host of other colourful characters, who face up to the ordinary challenges of life and the extraordinary challenges of war with honesty, optimism and hope. ‘All human life is there, laughter and tears together.' The Scotsman ‘Mrs Davis catches the time with honest-to-goodness certainty.' The Guardian ‘Simply written with an exceptional quality of understatement, it wins instant sympathy.' Glasgow Evening Citizen ‘A Glaswegian equivalent of Coronation Street.' Daily Express

  • Archibald Hall was one of our most enigmatic criminals. A man of multiple personae, Hall became more widely known as Roy Fontaine, the Monster Butler. But how did this one-time petty thief from Glasgow end up fleecing the wealthy aristocracy in London and beyond before becoming one of Britain's most notorious serial killers? And, along the way, how did his story acquire such glitz and glamour? Convicted of murder in both Scotland and England in 1978, Hall quickly took the opportunity of being in the public spotlight to rewrite his past. He cultivated a more alluring version of his criminal past, using the celebrity names he had encountered in London along with his aristocratic contacts to romanticise his story, to the point where fact became lost in fiction. In The Monster Butler, A. M. Nicol now re-examines Hall's versions of events to reveal the true story of a fantasist who portrayed his actions as unavoidable but who, in reality, was a ruthless and devious killer.

  • Since Celtic's formation in 1888, a total of seven hundred and seventy seven players have represented the club at first-team level and by the end of season 2007/08, Celtic had scored 10,883 competitive goals. However, just twenty-eight players have managed to score more than 100 competitive goals for Celtic throughout those 120 years. Century Bhoys celebrates each of these twenty-eight players, from the first player to hit 100 goals, Sandy McMahon (1890-1903), to the greatest goalscorer of all time, Jimmy McGrory with an incredible 468 goals in 445 appearances. It's an incredible list featuring famous Lisbon Lions such as Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox and modern greats such as Brian McClair, Charlie Nicholas, John Hartson and, of course, the legendary Henrik Larsson, who scored 242 goals in 315 games during a seven-year period with the club. Each chapter focuses on an individual player, looking at their playing career with Celtic, with particular focus on their first goal, their 100th goal, the final goal as well as the highs and lows of their time at the club and one or two quirky and not widely known facts. Entertaining and informative, Century Bhoys is full of facts and anecdotes about the greatest goalscorers in the history of Celtic FC.