Richard Adams

  • Watership down

    Richard Adams

    • Monsieur toussaint louverture
    • 18 Juin 2020

    C'est parfois dans les collines verdoyantes et idylliques que se terrent les plus terrifiantes menaces.
    C'est là aussi que va se dérouler cette vibrante épopée de courage, de loyauté et de survie. Menés par le valeureux Hazel, une poignée de braves choisit de fuir l'inéluctable destruction de leur foyer. Prémonitions, ruses, légendes vont aider ces héros face à mille ennemis et les guider jusqu'à leur terre promise, Watership Down. Mais l'aventure s'arrêtera-t-elle là ?
    Aimé par des millions de lecteurs, l'envoûtant roman de Richard Adams fait partie de ces odyssées sombres néanmoins parcourues d'espoir et de poésie. Parfait équilibre d'aventure et de mythologie, ce bijou d'inventivité serti d'une maîtrise absolue du suspense est tout simplement le chef-d'oeuvre d'un immense d'écrivain.


    Richard Adams

    • Puffin uk
    • 29 Novembre 2018

    One of the best-loved children's classics of all time, this is the complete, original story of Watership Down. Something terrible is about to happen to the warren - Fiver feels sure of it. And Fiver's sixth sense is never wrong, according to his brother Hazel. They had to leave immediately, and they had to persuade the other rabbits to join them. And so begins a long and perilous journey of a small band of rabbits in search of a safe home. Fiver's vision finally leads them to Watership Down, but here they face their most difficult challenge of all . . . This much-loved tale of courage and survival is now a beautiful new animated series for television, full of excitement and adventure - perfect for all the family to enjoy.


    Richard Adams

    • Oneworld
    • 3 Septembre 2015
  • Anglais Tales from Watership Down

    Richard Adams

    • Knopf doubleday publishing group digital
    • 23 Novembre 2011

    Here is the enchanting sequel to the beloved classic Watership Down, which introduced millions of readers to an extraordinary world of rabbits--including Fiver, Hazel, Bigwig, Dandelion, and the legendary hero El-ahrairah. Tales From Watership Down returns to these unforgettable characters, and also presents new heroes as they struggle to survive the cruelties of nature and the shortsighted selfishness of humankind, embark on new adventures, and recount traditional stories of rabbit mythology, charming us once again with imagination, heart, and wonder. A spellbinding book of courage and survival, these tales are an exciting invitation to come home to a beloved world.

  • Anglais The Plague Dogs

    Richard Adams

    • Random house publishing group digital
    • 3 Novembre 2010

    "Thousands and thousands of people will love this book!"
    A lyrical, engrossing tale, by the author of WATERSHIP DOWN, Richard Adams creates a lyrical and engrossing tale, a remarkable journey into the hearts and minds of two canine heroes, Snitter and Rowf, fugitives from the horrors of an animal research center who escape into the isolation--and terror--of the wilderness.

  • Institutions et citoyenneté de la Rome républicaine

    Richard Adam

    • Hachette education
    • 1 Janvier 2000

    Cet ouvrage présente un tableau de l'Etat romain à partir de sa création au VIe siècle, sous influence étrusque, jusqu'à l'instauration d'une monarchie de fait en 27 av. J.-C.

  • Le chat du bord

    Richard Adams

    • Gallimard-jeunesse
    • 14 Novembre 1980
  • Recherches sur les miroirs prenestins

    Richard Adam

    • Rue d'ulm
    • 1 Janvier 1980

    Trente-deux miroirs prénestins (dessins et photographies noir et blanc à l'appui) sont étudiés dans ce volume. Pour chacun sont donnés de nombreux renseignements : la provenance, les collections auxquelles le miroir a appartenu, la description de l'objet (forme, état de conservation, dimensions), la description des parties gravées, etc.

  • Les garennes de watership down

    Richard Adams

    • Flammarion
    • 1 Octobre 2004

    Ces aventures extraordinaires de lapins, que l'auteur a d'abord raconté à ses enfants avant de les rédiger, ont la simplicité des grands mythes et sont tissées de symboles : le sang versé, l'herbe rase et l'herbe haute, l'oiseau noir et l'oiseau blanc...


    Richard Adams

    • Hachette childrens
    • 5 Octobre 2017

    From the author of Watership Down , Richard Adams, comes an enchanting picture book about the adventures of a mischievous homemade dragon. Illustrated by Alex T. Smith, creator of Claude, the bestselling beret-clad canine hero . Whatever you've lost, Egg Box Dragon will find it. He's retrieved missing footballs, glasses and watches aplenty. He's so expert at cracking mysteries that the Queen herself requests his services. Will Egg Box Dragon find the missing diamond from the Queen's crown? Richard Adams was awarded both the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Award for children's fiction. Watership Down has sold over 50 million copies. A new mini series of Watership Down will premiere Christmas 2017 on BBC1 and launch globally on Netflix Spring 2018, featuring the voices of Olivia Colman and Freddie Fox, amongst others.

  • Le corps humain est une machine magnifique et complexe régie et gouvernée par les lois de la physique et de la chimie. En comprenant sa physiologie - comment il met en oeuvre ses différentes fonctions - il est possible d'élaborer des stratégies et solutions diagnostiques thérapeutiques et de prévention des maladies.
    L'ouvrage propose une approche claire moderne et pédagogique de la physiologie à travers 11 grandes parties et 51 chapitres.

    L'ouvrage suit un développement hiérarchique et logique. Les chapitres suivent un plan rigoureux. Le texte est étayé d'un grand nombre d'encadrés et 800 schémas figures photos indispensables à une bonne compréhension et maîtrise des principes de physiologie. La maquette claire tout en quadrichromie propose au fil des chapitres des points spécifiques de physiologie expérimentale ou clinique présentés dans des encadrés. Les chapitres s'ouvrent systématiquement sur les objectifs d'apprentissage et un mini-sommaire. Des résumés concluent régulièrement les parties des chapitres.

    La révision et l'autoapprentissage sont facilités par des séries de QCM disponibles en ligne.

    Traduit de la 5e édition anglaise par Jean-Paul Richalet et Henry Vandewalle respectivement professeur émérite de physiologie et ancien maître de conférences en physiologie cet ouvrage s'impose comme un outil indispensable pour comprendre le fonctionnement du corps humain.


    David Adams Richards

    • Simon & schuster usa
    • 20 Décembre 2012
  • Anglais Hockey Dreams

    David Adams Richards

    • Doubleday canada digital
    • 20 Avril 2011

    With a voice as Canadian as winter, David Adams Richards reflects on the place of hockey in the Canadian soul.
    The lyrical narrative of Hockey Dreams flows from Richards' boyhood games on the Miramichi to heated debates with university professors who dare to back the wrong team. It examines the globalization of hockey, and how Canadians react to the threat of foreigners beating us at "our" game.
    Part memoir, part essay on national identity, part hockey history, Hockey Dreams is a meditation by one of Canada's finest writers on the essence of the game that helps define our nation.

  • Anglais River of the Brokenhearted

    Richards David Adams

    • Doubleday canada digital
    • 22 Juin 2011

    In the 1920s, Janie McLeary and George King run one of the first movie theatres in the Maritimes. The marriage of the young Irish Catholic woman to an older English man is thought scandalous, but they work happily together, playing music to accompany the films. When George succumbs to illness and dies, leaving Janie with one young child and another on the way, the unscrupulous Joey Elias tries to take over the business. But Janie guards the theatre with a shotgun, and still in mourning, re-opens it herself. "If there was no real bliss in Janie's life," recounts her grandson, "there were moments of triumph."
    One night, deceived by the bank manager and Elias into believing she will lose her mortgage, Janie resolves to go and ask for money from the Catholic houses. Elias has sent out men to stop her, so she leaps out the back window and with a broken rib she swims in the dark across the icy Miramichi River, doubting her own sanity. Yet, seeing these people swayed into immoral actions because of their desire to please others and their fear of being outcast, she thinks to herself that "...all her life she had been forced to act in a way uncommon with others... Was sanity doing what they did? And if it was, was it moral or justified to be sane?"
    Astonishingly, she finds herself face to face that night with influential Lord Beaverbrook, who sees in her tremendous character and saves her business. Not only does she survive, she prospers; she becomes wealthy, but ostracized. Even her own father helps Elias plot against her. Yet Janie McLeary King thwarts them and brings first-run talking pictures to the town.
    Meanwhile, she employs Rebecca from the rival Druken family to look after her children. Jealous, and a protégé of Elias, Rebecca mistreats her young charges. The boy Miles longs to be a performer, but Rebecca convinces him he is hated, and he inherits his mother's enemies. The only person who truly loves her, he is kept under his mother's influence until, eventually, he takes a job as the theatre's projectionist. He drinks heavily all his life, tends his flowers, and talks of things no-one believes, until the mystery at the heart of the novel finally unravels.
    "At six I began to realize that my father was somewhat different," says Miles King's son Wendell, who narrates the saga in an attempt to find answers in the past and understand "how I was damned." It is a many-layered epic of rivalries, misunderstandings, rumours; the abuse of power, what weak people will do for love, and the true power of doing right; of a pioneer and her legacy in the lives of her son and grandchildren.
    "David Adams Richards is perhaps the greatest Canadian writer alive," wrote Lynn Coady in the Vancouver Sun. From this winner of the Giller Prize and the Governor General's Award comes a story of a woman's determined struggle against small town prejudice, and her son's long battle against deceit. Richards' own family ran Newcastle's Uptown Theatre from 1911 to 1980, and Janie is based on his grandmother. Cast upon this history is a drama that explores morality and "the question of how one should live," as The Atlantic Monthly said of Mercy Among the Children, his previous novel.
    Reviewers agree that Richards' fiction sits firmly in the tradition of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky by concerning itself explicitly with good and evil and the human freedom to choose between them. Once again, in River of the Brokenhearted, his twelfth novel, Richards has created a work of compassion and assured, poetic sophistication which finds in the hearts of its characters venality and goodwill, cruelty and love.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais Nights Below Station Street

    David Adams Richards

    • Mcclelland & stewart digital
    • 1 Septembre 2009

    David Adams Richards' Governor General's Award-winning novel is a powerful tale of resignation and struggle, fierce loyalties and compassion. This book is the first in Richards' acclaimed Miramichi trilogy. Set in a small mill town in northern New Brunswick, it draws us into the lives of a community of people who live there, including: Joe Walsh, isolated and strong in the face of a drinking problem; his wife, Rita, willing to believe the best about people; and their teenage daughter Adele, whose nature is rebellious and wise, and whose love for her father wars with her desire for independence. Richards' unforgettable characters are linked together in conflict, and in articulate love and understanding. Their plight as human beings is one we share.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais Lines On The Water

    David Adams Richards

    • Random house digital
    • 15 Décembre 2010

    A poetic account of the dialogue Richards has conducted with the river during half a century of listening to the whisper and gurgle of its myriad voices - a lyrical evocation of the sights, sounds and scents of a great Canadian waterway' - The Sunday HeraldLines on the Water is the story of a town, its river and the community of people who fish in it. David Adams Richards is a prize-winning author but when he's not writing, he's mostly fishing and when he's fishing it's always along the banks of the Miramichi river. This great river and the poachers, guides, visiting city suits and friends who share it with him have woven themselves into the fabric of his life and in Lines on the Water he pays tribute to them all. Spinning fishy tale after glorious fishy tale we join him and his companions on the endless search for the next great fishing pool and along the way remember why we love to read, and why we have to fish.

  • Anglais Mercy Among The Children

    David Adams Richards

    • Random house digital
    • 15 Décembre 2010

    The novel tells the story of Sydney Henderson and his son, Lyle. As a young man, Sydney, believing he has accidentally killed a friend, makes a pact with God, promising never to harm another if the boy's life is spared. In the years that follow the almost pathologically gentle Sydney tries to hold true to his promise - at terrible cost to himself and his family.