• Anglais The End

    Laura Barcella

    • Zest
    • 24 Juillet 2012

    You've probably heard rumors that the end of the world is going to happen in the year 2012. But people have been making predictions about how and when the world is going to end for ages. The End is a fun, comprehensive, pop culture read about the 50 top movies, books, songs, comics, artworks, and plays--from the movie Shaun of the Dead to the pop song "It's the End of the World as We Know It"--that have been created about the apocalypse. Each item includes: a synopsis of the apocalyptic work information about the apocalyptic theory behind it (from alien invasion to meteors, nuclear war, and natural disasters) an explanation about why this work is important in pop culture Love doomsday talk and the art that is made about it? Check out this fun and entertaining read!