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The must-read summary of Edward de Bono's book: "Simplicity: An Elegant and Powerful Business Concept".
This complete summary of the ideas from Edward de Bono's book "Simplicity" shows how most consumer products are too complex for customers, who become frustrated by long instruction booklets; the same can be said for other processes and products. In his book, the author explains the value of simplicity: it saves time and money, allows freedom and is a powerful selling tool. The successful businesses of the future will market simplicity, not complexity, which is easier for customers to understand, and is more elegant. This summary explains how to simplify company structures, products, and process, and provides 14 different methods that are suitable for different situations.
Added-value of this summary:
o Save time
o Understand key concepts
o Expand your knowledge
To learn more, read "Simplicity" and discover why simplicity will be the key to your future success.

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