Green Mars

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Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel • Soon to be a series on Spike TV Kim Stanley Robinson’s classic trilogy depicting the colonization of Mars continues in a thrilling and timeless novel that pits the settlers against their greatest foes: themselves. Nearly a generation has passed since the first pioneers landed on Mars, and its transformation to an Earthlike planet is under way. But not everyone wants to see the process through. The methods are opposed by those who are determined to preserve their home planet’s hostile, barren beauty. Led by the first generation of children born on Mars, these rebels are soon joined by a handful of the original settlers. Against this cosmic backdrop, passions, partnerships, and rivalries explode in a story as spectacular as the planet itself. Praise for Green Mars “One of the major sagas of the [latest] generation in science fiction.”--Chicago Sun-Times “Dense as a diamond and as sharp; it makes even most good novels seem pale and insignificant by comparison.”--The Washington Post Book World “Grand in scope, meticulous in detail.”--The New York Times Book Review From the Paperback edition.

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Kim Stanley Robinson - 23/03/1952-.... 65 ans Anglais (etats-unis) Etats-unis
Né en 1952, Kim Stanley Robinson a grandi en Californie. Titulaire d'un doctorat sur Philip K. Dick, il a enseigné à l'université avant d'entreprendre une carrière littéraire. Son grand-œuvre, La Trilogie martienne, qui lui a valu plus de dix-sept ans de travail en collaboration avec la NASA, est considéré aujourd'hui comme un classique de la littérature de science-fiction.